INSPIRE - Digital Health Development and Testing Platform Mannheim/Rhein-Neckar

The resource network for the development and testing of (digital) health applications in real-lab environments based on concrete, entrepreneurial development projects

The healthcare sector is undergoing a digital transformation toward digitally supported procedures, processes and products in healthcare. This development forms a global, sustainable and scalable growth market. Startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often only able to take advantage of this opportunity to a limited extent or not at all. The reason for this is the specific ethical, medical, regulatory and healthcare system-related environmental conditions. There is a lack of a systematic and organized knowledge, technology and supply access for startups and SMEs that organizes and systematically maps all these specific requirements. INSPIRE aims to close this gap.

The five INSPIRE clinical and research partners enable and accelerate the collaborative development and testing of new medical technology and digital health solutions by systematically bringing together startups, SMEs, corporate groups, healthcare providers, research institutions and experts.

Five INSPIRE core partners

The INSPIRE Platform was established through funding by the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg and will now be continued by the core partners in an unfunded, permanent regular operation. The INSPIRE network already has numerous cooperation and expert partners who may be consulted by the consortia of the INSPIRE Platform in every phase of product development.

The INSPIRE Platform office is your first point of contact and looks forward to receiving your non-binding request: